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Ballots are arriving in your mailbox. We should thank Coloradans for supporting a nation-leading process that reduces the burden of voting for everyone.

Please join our Douglas County Democrats, family, and friends in voting for our great candidates. Each is pledged to truth, democracy, and setting DougCo, Colorado, and America on the right path.

In DougCo and elsewhere, the GOP offers a soup of extreme naysayers and ideologues. They are clearly divided. Just recently, the county GOP chair sent an email begging people not to vote for alternative far-right candidates. Truly, their divisions create our opportunities. There are enough enlightened local voters to produce wins for our candidates, up and down the ballot. Although many of these voters may not be declared Democrats, our steady and consistent ideas and ethics are widely held.

What we need to do is VOTE.

We also need to take that extra step to ensure that all reasonable people meet their obligations to our community and country by voting. So, talk to your family, friends and neighbors over the next few weeks...GET OUT THE VOTE. Our endorsed candidates still need money for their final pushes to Election Day. If you haven't contributed to campaigns, now is the time. If you have contributed, please dig a little deeper. Each candidate also needs volunteer support, if only a few of your hours, for mailers, door knocking, posting yard signs and calls.

The DougCO Democratic Party supports these incumbents and new candidates. Thank you for your active and engaged support. Colorado Blue Book prepared by our State government. Douglas County Measures Yes- DCSD 5A and 5B )Bond/MLO) - Official endorsed by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

Yes - Ballot Issue 1A The existing Douglas County Sales and Use Tax of 0.17% for parks, trails, historic resources and open space shall be extended for another 15 years. (While not officially endorsed by our Executive Committee, we democrats value our environment. If we vote based on our values a Yes vote is appropriate.

Colorado Democratic Party - Support vs Oppose vs No Position Yes - Amendment D (grandfather judicial residency) Yes - Amendment E (homestead exemption for military widows) Yes - Proposition FF (food, nutrition, hunger) Yes - Proposition GG (fiscal transparency ballot measures) Yes - Initiative 123 (.01% income tax re affordable housing) No - Initiative 121 (drop income tax rate) Neutral - Amendment F (gaming); Initiative 122 (halluncinogens as medicine); Initiatives 124, 125, 126 (alcohol measures)

The Douglas County Democratic Party supports these positions with the exception of 125 which we suggest a No vote. It was the opinion of the EC that this measure would be detrimental to small businesses.

Thanks to Lloyd Guthrie for this post.


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