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Join us at Caucus to discuss the 2024 Platform.  We thank our platform committee  for putting in many hours working on the proposed 2024 Platform. They invite you  to submit platform planks at


Our Mission

To be the party of the people, by the people and for the people that makes certain the values in which we, the people, believe are achieved.


Our Vision

A county where political candidates who share our values are elected, and policy, legislation, legal opinion, and/or activism that represent our values are realized.


What We Believe

  • Civil discourse, bipartisan partnerships and compromise at all levels of elected government will yield meaningful solutions and effective legislation that benefit the most people and the good of our country.

  • Engaging all people and all points of view is both unifying and constructive in finding positive outcomes to problems that currently divide us along political lines.

  • Elections must be free, fair, open to all residents and secure.

  • All people should be treated equally, fairly and humanely under the law and in all aspects of our lives emphasizing inclusivity, diversity, tolerance and dignity.

  • Our national security is critical and depends on strong international diplomatic alliances, and while our military should be the best trained and equipped fighting force in the world armed conflict should be the last resort in combating global and domestic threats. Our veterans and their families earned our respect.

  • A high quality yet affordable education that prepares students with knowledge and life skills is everyone’s right and a gateway to opportunity.

  • Health care should be available and affordable for all regardless of their physical, mental or emotional condition, or their ability to pay for treatment.

  • Climate change is real and clean air and pure water must be achieved and preserved, and we should do all we can to ensure these environmental resources are protected.

  • Our natural, historic, scenic and recreational resources must be protected, conserved and maintained because they are not replaceable.

  • A strong economy should benefit all people and the current inequality of income and wealth greatly damages sustainable economic growth and presents a barrier to workers improving their way of life, earning a decent wage and saving for the future.

  • Modern transportation and technological infrastructures benefit all people, strengthen our economy and improve our lives.

  • Growth in our county must be managed in ways that attract new residents and businesses while preserving our current high quality of life and protecting our limited water resources.

In time for the major 2024 national election, the Douglas County Democratic Party adopted for its platform the full platform that was developed and approved that year by the Colorado Democratic Party.

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