Our Candidates

Lisa Neal-Graves

County Commissioner, District II

Lisa is running to bring innovative solutions to our county, build a dialogue between our newer and more tenured residents, and guide our county toward a better future.

Email - info@lisanealgraves.com

Facebook - @lisanealgraves

Twitter - @lisanealgraves

Instagram - @lisanealgraves

Darien Wilson

County Commissioner, District III

Darien is a solution-focused small business owner, community builder, and mother of three who is running to represent your voice on the Board of County Commissioners. 


It’s time for leadership who will listen and make decisions based on facts and citizen input, not politics.

Email - Info@Darien4Commish.com

Facebook - @darien4commish

Twitter - @darien4commish

Instagram - @darien4commish

Elissa Flaumenhaft

State Senate District 4

Growing up in the Midwest, raised by two East Coast parents, Elissa never dreamed that one day she would call Colorful Colorado home. 

Since 2008, she has been blessed to live in this beautiful state, to raise her two beautiful children here, and ramp up her career as a scientist.

She has found our Jewish home here, too, where she is an active member in her synagogue’s social justice team (Rodfei Tzedek) and volunteers for many wonderful organizations.

Elissa is just a regular mom, doing the best she can to be a good role model to her children, give back to her community and be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Email - ej4sd4@gmail.com

Facebook - @ej4sd4

Twitter - @ej4sd4
Instagram - @ej4sd4

Kyra Storojev

State House District 44

As a candidate for Colorado State House of Rep for the 44th district. Kyra's priorities are supporting our community during COVID, affordable health care, expanded mental health care, accessible public education, and a healthy environment.

Email - kyra4colorado@gmail.com
Facebook - @kyra4colorado

Twitter - @kyra4colorado
Instagram - @kyra.4.colorado

Ian Chapman

State House District 39

Ian is running for Colorado House District 39 to do his best to positively influence the world and community that we live in for his daughter's benefit.

Ian believes that we all have to work hard, together, to make this a better place for the next generation.


Email - ianchapmancohd39@gmail.com

Facebook - @IanChapmanCOHD39

Twitter - @ChapmanCOHD39

Katie Barrett

State House District 45

As a science and math teacher, Katie Barrett has been solving problems for over 27 years and is proud to have assisted our District Attorney in reviewing cold case files for Colorado’s 18th Judicial District.


Now, she is running to bring true representation to Castle Rock, Castle Pines, The Pinery, and Pradera in the Colorado House of Representatives.


We need a representative who’ll work hard to make sure our communities stay beautiful, safe, and vibrant with opportunities for all.

Email - contact@katieforcolorado.com

Facebook - @katieforco

Twitter - @katieforCOHD45

Jennifer Mitkowski

State House District 43

Jennifer has been active as a delegate with the HRCA and working on local school board elections. She is passionate about our community and representing everyone’s values at the statehouse.

She knows that we need representatives who will make sound decisions, based on research and expert advice and she will be that person for Highlands Ranch.

Email - jenn@jennforcolorado.com

Facebook - @jennforcolorado

Twitter - @jennforcolorado

Amy Padden

District Attorney, 18th District

Amy is a lawyer with 25 years of experience, who has devoted nearly 15 years of her legal career to public service on behalf of Coloradans.


Amy’s wealth of experience representing Colorado makes her uniquely qualified to be the next District Attorney of Colorado’s largest Judicial District, the Eighteenth Judicial District.

Email - info@amypadden.com

Facebook - @amypaddenCO

Twitter - @AmyPaddenCO

Instagram - @amypaddenCO/

Ilana Spiegel

Regent of the University of Colorado, District 6

A mom and an educator, Ilana will work every day to put students and families first.

Email - ilana@ilana4regent.com

Facebook - @IlanaForCURegentCD6

Twitter - @ilana4regent

Isaac McCorkle

U.S. Congress, District 4

Ike is a post-partisan politician dedicated to the will and best interests of the people. He will procure infrastructure and energy development projects for CD4. He wants policy that benefits us all!

Email - ike@ike4co.com
Facebook - @IkeMcCorkle
Twitter - @McCorkleForCO

Instagram - @ike4co

Jason Crow

U.S. Congress, District 6

Jason Crow represents Colorado’s 6th Congressional District. Elected in 2018, Jason is the first Democrat to ever represent the district in Congress.


In his first year in office, Jason proved himself a leader tackling gun violence, climate change, and immigration.


Jason “...quickly emerged in the Democratic caucus as a leading voice on national security ” and was named one of the seven House impeachment managers in the Senate trial against President Trump. 

Email - info@jasoncrowforcongress.com

Facebook - @JasonCrowforCongress

Twitter - @JasonCrowCO6

Instagram - @jasoncrowco6


We are the official Democratic Party of Douglas County, Colorado. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.


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