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Great 2022 Election Results for Dems in Colorado!

Pictured (left to right): Bob Marshall, Mike Bennet, Jared Polis, Jena Griswold, Phil Weiser, Kathy Plomer.

Dems Win Statewide and in our own Douglas County

Here in Douglas County, voters in the Highlands Ranch district (HD43) of the Colorado State Legislature elected retired US Marine Bob Marshall (pictured above, with American flag). This is the first time in modern history that a Democrat has been elected for a House District in traditionally Republican Douglas County.

Bob's campaign – which appealed to Independents and Republicans as well as Democrats – emphasized representing all of the voters in his district. He also committed to keeping in touch with residents during his term in office. In the course of unseating the Republican incumbent, Bob and his team of volunteers overcame a voter registration disadvantage in HD43, where active registered voters are currently 22% Dem, 31% R and 45% Unaffiliated.

Also, in the HD61 Aurora portion of northeastern Douglas County, Eliza Hamrick was the voters' choice for that State House district.

All our our Democratic statewide leaders (pictured above) were re-elected:

  • US Senate from Colorado: Mike Bennet

  • Governor: Jared Polis

  • Attorney General: Phil Weiser

  • Secretary of State: Jena Griswold

  • State Treasurer: Dave Young

Kathy Plomer (pictured above) was elected to the statewide at-large seat on the Colorado Board of Education.

As a result of the 2020 census, Colorado has now grown from seven US Congressional Districts to eight, and five of those eight were won by Democrats.

District 4 (for Douglas County and counties in the rural eastern third of the State) was held by the Republican incumbent, but the following districts were won by Democrats:

  • District 1: Diana DeGette

  • District 2: Joe Neguse

  • District 6: Jason Crow

  • District 7: Brittany Pettersen

  • New District 8: Yadira Caraveo

In the Colorado State House our HD43 representative Bob Marshall joins a history-making majority of 46 Democrats versus 19 Republicans.

And, in the Colorado State Senate, voters increased the Democratic majority to 23 to 12. In Senate District 27, in a portion of the northeastern corner of Douglas County, longtime gun-violence opponent Tom Sullivan was elected.

Throughout Douglas County, some of our Democratic candidates outperformed previous-year election results in their respective districts, such as:

  • Braeden Miguel, for state Senate District 30, and

  • Eric Brody, for state House District 39.

2022 goes down as a great year for Democrats throughout Colorado.


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