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Colorado Democratic Party Elect Officers

The Colorado Democratic Party elected its new officers on Saturday, April 1st. A crew of State Central Committee members from all 64 counties in Colorado cast their votes at the gathering held in Downtown Denver.

There were three candidates for Chair of the party to succeed, Morgan Carroll who had been the chair for the past 6 years. Shad Murib, Tim Kubik, and Howard Chou were all very qualified to lead the party. Each candidate brought incredible skill to the table. Ultimately, Shad Murib of Eagle County was elected by 52% of the vote. I am confident that Chair Murib will bring positive impacts to the party. Thank you to TIm Kubik and Howard Chou for their well run campaigns. I hope to see them continue to be involved with the party.

Excerpted from CPR - click the link for the full article.

"A longtime political professional, the 35-year-old is a native of Littleton and a first-generation American of Lebanese descent.

Murib said his job will be to protect and expand the state’s Democratic majorities in the statehouse and Congress, including defeating Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert. But he also promised a focus on rural and local politics, saying the “next frontier” was to win more elections for sheriff and county commissioner offices.

“Sheriffs across the state refuse to enforce our gun safety laws. We have Republican county commissioners who won't build affordable housing. They won't enforce the oil and gas laws meant to keep our neighborhoods and schools safe. And Republican county clerks are straight up inviting corruption into their election offices, right?” he said, an apparent reference to the criminal charges against former Mesa County clerk Tina Peters.

Murib continued: “Republicans have majorities in these seats across the state, and I believe the next frontier of Democratic politics must be local.”

In addition, Douglas County's, Indira Duggirala was elected to the position of 1st Vice Chair. I was pleased to see Indira step up into the state leadership team. She's been a vital member of our Douglas County leadership. Scott Mangino was elected as 2nd Vice Chair. Josh Turpin was reelected as Secretary and Rosanna "Dondi" Reyes was elected to another term as our Treasurer.

The State Central committee added several Vice Chair positions to our leadership team. Those being Vice Chair of Operations, Vice Chair of Geographic and Community Outreach, Vice Chair of Cultural and Demographic Outreach and Vice Chair of Public Relations and Marketing. Those elected to those positions are Jarrod Munger, Amy Paschal, Stephanie Bowman and Sheena Kadi.

I expect we will see many changes occurring over the next few months as this new team gets their feet on the ground. I will keep you all as informed as I can. If you aren't already subscribed, be sure to subscribe to the CDP newsletter.

Angela Thomas

Chair, Douglas County Democratic Party


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