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Shohini Ghosh

Competed For
Centennial Water Board

​I ask for your vote to serve on the Centennial Water District board.

With global warming – and with the reality of Highlands Ranch's population growth – our water must be intelligently managed and conserved. 

My goals are: (1) reducing water waste of water-intensive industries; (2) monitoring water quality to fight pollution and disease; (3) improving the efficiency of water systems; and (4) creating awareness of household water use.

I'm a Colorado resident since 1998, and am originally from India. I live and work in Highlands Ranch with my husband and 2 beautiful children. I'm proud to be an award-winning realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty.

I love the outdoors and am also an accomplished sculptor. My public art bronzes are on view in public spaces at nearby Hudson Gardens, and in Wyoming and South Dakota. In addition, my art is collected by the Denver Art Museum.

My leadership positions in Douglas County and Denver include serving in a nonprofit initiative to increase access to visual arts for Douglas County public school students, and as the development chair for Asian Art at the Denver Art Museum.

For a growing community of over 100,000 people, safe and reliable water helps the community to flourish. I would like to manage our resources in a more prudent way so as to make our community more beautiful and sought-after for residents and future generations.

Shohini Ghosh is endorsed by the

Douglas County Democratic Party (DCDP).

This page is paid for by DCDP, which is not affiliated with any candidate.

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How to Vote

Click this button to download and print a ballot application form:

  1. Submit your ballot application NOW (instructions are on the form).

  2. Your ballot will arrive by mail

  3. Vote the ballot

  4. Return the ballot by mail or email or in person by late April

  5. Ballots must be received by Election Day (May 2nd)

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