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Caucus 2024 
Instructions for Precinct Organizers 

Dear Precinct Organizer (PO) or Precinct Organizers Assistant (POA),


Thank you for being a PO/POA of the Douglas County Democratic Party (DCDP). We are in a Presidential Election year and our county precinct caucus is where the 2024 elections begin.  This page outlines activities of the caucus and how you play a very important role in this all.

Precinct Organizer Handbook

Register for Caucus

  • Have you registered for caucus? If not Register now. Please answer all the questions on your registration. 

  • Caucus 2024 page will give you all the details.

  • We highly recommend that you sign up to either be  a Precinct Organizer (PO) or a Precinct Organizer Assistant (POA). We can have 2 POs and 2 POAs per precinct. 

  • Please sign up to be a delegate as well. The single responsibility of the delegate is to nominate candidates for county wide race (Douglas County Commissioner District 2 and 3) on behalf of your precinct. You will be a delegate to both the County Assembly and Convention on March 27 2024.

Unable to attend Caucus ?

  • We will make sure to include your info at the caucus during the delegate election.

Registration Confirmation

  • You will receive a registration confirmation email from DCDP. In that email, you will receive

    • a delegate application to be filled out

    • a link to the current DCDP platform 

    • a form to submit your own statements to the platform. - Please work with your precinct ahead of time to fill out platform planks.

  • Zoom link to the event.

Day of Caucus

  • On the day of caucus, once you join the meeting with your Zoom link, you will go through the credentialing process first where your name on Zoom will be renamed with a prefix of your precinct number and your voting eligibility (VM for Voting Member and NVM for Non Voting Member). 

  • The first portion of the caucus is in the general session where you hear from the candidates and go over the caucus rules and agenda. 

  • We will do preference polls for CU Regent Race

  • We will elect Election Judges. 

  • Recruit poll watchers and volunteers.  

  • Then everyone is sent to a breakout room based on their precinct number. Each breakout room is based on a school community with 8 to 12 precincts per room.

Break out room Precinct Caucus

  • Each breakout room will have a chair and secretary run the caucus meeting. 

  • Once in the breakout rooms everyone is given the opportunity to get to know each other in a smaller setting.

  • POs, POA, and Delegates are elected from each precinct, making sure every precinct has at least 2 delegates elected.  

  • Each precinct gets 2 POs, 2 POAs and 2 Delegates. 

  • If there are any unfilled delegate seats, we will ask caucus chairs to elect additional delegates from each breakout room. 

  • Once the elections are over, each precinct is asked to submit a platform plank or a statement that is important to them. A discussion will be facilitated by your Chair.

Caucus Conclusion

  • After your breakout room session, you will join the main room where we will talk about 

    • County Assembly and Convention on March 27th, 2024

    • Multi district Assemblies

    • Congressional District Assembly and Convention on April 11, 2024

    • State Assembly and Convention on April 13, 2024.

  • Any additional candidates may be given opportunity to speak

  • Display results of caucus election. 

  • Adjourn Caucus meeting

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