We are the official Democratic Party of Douglas County, Colorado. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.


T: (720) 509-9048

E: info@douglasdemocrats.org

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Our Officers

Our executive officers, area captains, and legislative district chairs manage the operations of the party.

Click on the officer title to email them directly. Find our committee leadership on the committees page.


Dana Torpey-Newman

Tim Hicks

Karen Hester

Delana Maynes

Angie Hicks

Candy Kane

Shelley Becker

Area Captains


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Comm. Captain: Michael Hays
Outreach Captain: Gazala Hays
PO Captain: Tim Courington
Events Captain: Lauren Paschal

Comm. Captain: Robin Mendelson
Outreach Captain: Paula Smith Outreach Captain: Dorothy Macias
PO Captain: Maritza Carrera
Special Events Captain: Cathy Lees

Comm. Captain: David McPeters
Outreach Captain: Vacant
PO Captain: Amy Long
Special Events Captain: Vacant

Comm. Captain: Sandi Ault
Outreach Captain: Jan Berger

PO Captain: Sandi Ault
Special Events Captain: Vacant

Legislative District Chairs

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Shaun Sindelman

Joe Wilson


Amy Long

Braeden Miguel

Elaine Flournoy