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Sara Jo Light

Winner of a seat on the Centennial Water Board

Vote for Sara Jo:

  • To protect Colorado's great outdoors & save our water

  • To support the goal of clean fresh water for all of Highlands Ranch

  • Our children & grandchildren deserve access to clean fresh water as our legacy

  • Passion:

    • Protecting water has been Sara Jo's passion for two decades

    • Colorado's water crisis is only getting worse and our great outdoors is suffering

  • Leadership:

    • 30 years as a senior business executive in four major


    • Board Chair of two large nonprofit organizations

    • Created and led a 300-member legislative team to protect our great outdoors

  • Results:

    • Sara Jo spearheaded a 2020 project that reduced water usage by 45% in a Highlands Ranch community​

    • That project saves 15 million gallons of water annually, and saves residents $57,000 per year in water fees

    • She championed Colorado's passage of numerous water bills that stopped dumping of toxins into our drinking water & protected our water supply

How to Vote

Click this button to download and print a ballot application form:

  1. Submit your ballot application NOW (instructions are on the form).

  2. Your ballot will arrive by mail

  3. Vote the ballot

  4. Return the ballot by mail or email or in person by late April

  5. Ballots must be received by Election Day (May 2nd)

Sara Jo Light is endorsed by the

Douglas County Democratic Party (DCDP).

This page is paid for by DCDP, which is not affiliated with any candidate.

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