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Biennial 2023-24 ReOrganization
and Central Committee Meeting

Saturday, February 11, 2023 

9:00 AM to 2:00 PM 

Check-In begins at 8:30 AM 

In Person At:

Douglas County High School

South Commons Area, 2842 Front St (Entrance: Door G) (Accessible: Door E)

Castle Rock.  (MAP)


(see below for links to register and attend)


We are hoping for a large turn out at our first in person reorganization since 2019.
Remember you only need to be a registered Democrat to attend our meeting
and to nominate yourself or be nominated for office.

You do not need to be a current member of the Central Committee
to submit your name for nomination.

Only the members of the Central Committee can vote.
The Central Committee is comprised of the Executive Committee members,
House District officers and Precinct Organizers in Douglas County, and
Democratic Party elected officials who reside in Douglas County.

We'd like to hear from you as to whether or not you will be attending.

 Click here to RSVP to attend in person 

Click here to register to attend by zoom.

If you are unable to attend and are a voting member please complete a PROXY 
so that we can ensure we have quorum to attend to the business at hand
as well to ensure your voice is heard.
Submit your proxy to by 8am on February 11th.

The following people have submitted their intent to run for office.

Chair - Angela Thomas

1st Vice Chair - Tim Courington

2nd Vice Chair - Mark Jones

Secretary - Lloyd Guthrie

Treasurer - Paula Graham

Deputy Treasurer - Marci Laurvik

HD 39 Chair - Eric Brody

HD 43 Chair - Barry Peters

HD 44 Chair - Sam Jarris

HD 45 Chair - Katie Barrett

Nominations will be open for each of these positions at the meeting
if you wish to nominate yourself or someone else at the event.

There are still spots available on State EC; State CC; CD 4 CC; SD 4 CC; HD 61 CC and JD.
We have had no one step up for our JD spots. This is very important as this is a brand new Judicial District. We can have some impact but we must get involved to do so.
You can place your name into nomination at the meeting
but it would be helpful to have names ahead of time so we can have ballots ready.



Welcome and Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Introduce Special Guests. - Candidates for State Party Chair

A Message from Representative Robert "Bob" Marshall

Town Hall - Contest Every Race

DCDP Central Committee (CC) Convenes

REORGANIZATION - New Business - Elect Officers

  • Nominations and Elections for Party Chair

  • Nominations and Elections for Remaining CC Officers

  • Vice Chair & 2nd Vice Chair

  • Treasurer & Deputy Treasurer

  • Secretary & Deputy Secretary

  • Designate Vacancy Committee

  • Elect CD4, HD 61, SD 2, JD 23 Central Committee Members

  • Elect State Executive and State Central Committee Bonus Members

  • DCDP Committee Information

  • Date of next Central Committee Meeting


District Meetings
Convene Senate District Central Committee Meetings

Elect officers (Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary) and conduct any other business

Convene House District Central Committee Meetings

Elect officers (Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary) and conduct any other business


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