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Rep. Marshall Townhall Observations 3-30-23

I attended Rep. Marshall’s public town hall last night, and once again came away with a high degree of satisfaction that the work and money #DougCoDems put into his campaign were well spent.

Frankly, Rep. Marshall’s public demeanor is a breath of fresh air in the political arena. Tonight, he was assertive and respectful to each of his constituents, including those obviously sent by the opposition to confront him.

I don’t agree with all of his votes, but I’m never at a loss to understand why he is voting as he does, because he is 100% #transparent with his logic and decisions. And I also know that he is voting and supporting his legislative colleagues on our side. Recently, I testified on a bill before the House Judiciary Committee, and it was apparent members on both sides of the aisle respect Rep. Marshall’s thinking and opinions.

From my perspective, the moderate Democrats in the House deserve acknowledgement when they stand against the kind of legislative overreach that comes with a political supermajority. The primary reason Democrats have lost majorities at every level of government is the tendency to start costly programs and enact new laws that expand government too much. And this Legislative Session is no exception.

I live in HD39, represented by the opposition. My elected Representative recently held a so-called town hall meeting without notifying her constituents.

I’m not at all worried that Bob Marshall would pull such a stunt. Kudos to Rep Marshall. Keep up the good work. #RepBobMarshall #ColoHD43


Lloyd Guthrie, Precinct 105, Roxborough Park

*This is solely the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Douglas County Democratic Party as a whole.

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