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Douglas County Democratic Party Endorses Ballot Initiatives 5A and 5B

Today, the leaders of the Douglas County Democratic Party are announcing their heartfelt endorsement of Ballot Issues 5A and 5B to support our local public schools.

The Douglas County Democratic Party believes that a high-quality yet affordable education that prepares students with knowledge and life skills is everyone’s right and a gateway to opportunity.

As supporters of public education, the Douglas County Democratic party believes that investing in public education is the responsibility of the people. We fully support and endorse Ballot Issues 5A and 5B to provide much-needed Douglas County School District funding.

We know the mistrust that has developed regarding the four majority board members and their less-than-stellar spending oversight and failure to follow the law. But we know that Mill Levy Overrides and Capital Bonds outlive board members. We cannot allow the mistrust of 4 individuals to prevent us from passing this measure. Besides, the Measures have clear, solid legal language to ensure the money is used for the intended purposes.

The funding provided with these measures will provide new schools in Crystal Valley, The Canyons, and Sterling Ranch, where they are sorely needed. Children in these areas deserve to attend schools in their neighborhoods. It will also provide for much-needed maintenance and repairs across the district. These expenditures are laid out clearly on the school’s website so we know where the money will go. Capital expenditures are essential to keep our school buildings in good condition and safe for our students, teachers, and staff.

We know that a contributing factor to high-quality education is high-quality teachers who are essential to student learning. To hire and retain teachers who bring excellence to our school district, we must pay them a salary that allows them to live and thrive in our communities. The Mill Levy Override will begin to bring DCSD salaries closer to those of neighboring districts.

The DCDP knows that high-quality schools lead to high-quality communities and benefit our communities' overall economy and livability. We, the people of Douglas County, must support and pass Ballot Issues 5A and 5B.


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