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Election Watcher 2022

Colorado Democrats are busy recruiting election watchers for the November election. This is a critical role in ensuring safe and secure elections. Interested democrats can sign up using this link 2022 election watcher!

What is an Election Watcher?

An Election Watcher is a registered voter who has been appointed by an authorized appointing entity to witness and verify the conduct of an election.

Who is eligible to be an Election Watcher for the CDP?

  • Be a registered voter in Colorado affiliated with the Democratic Party;

  • Be selected by an authorized appointing entity; and

  • Not be a candidate on the ballot nor an immediate family member by blood, marriage, or civil union to the second degree if watching for the candidate.

  • Take the CDP Watcher Training course and get credentialed as a watcher

Election Watchers do not need to be a resident of a county to watch in a particular county.

What election activities can a Watcher observe?

Election Watchers who have taken the Watcher Training Course may observe election activities where confidential or personally identifiable information may be within viewing. This includes:

  • Setup and breakdown of Voter Service and Polling Centers;

  • Voter check-in and registration activities;

  • Ballot receipt and processing;

  • Signature verification of mail ballot envelopes;

  • Ballot duplication;

  • Ballot tabulation;

  • The Logic and Accuracy Test and Post-Election Audit;

  • Provisional ballot processing;

  • UOCAVA ballot processing;

  • Canvass; and

  • Recount

How Will Watchers Report Issues?

Watchers will report to the CDP Voter Protection team and Boiler Room any issues they encounter at VSPCs or counting rooms, including lack of ballots or supplies, internet problems, voter suppression tactics, misinformation, and any other issues of note. The CDP Boiler Room is made up of many experienced election lawyers who will find solutions and actions to take to address any issues at VSPCs or counting facilities.,

Election Watchers are the eyes and ears of thriving democracy and the Colorado Democratic Party depends on this effort to ensure that all voters can participate. Thank you for your interest in and commitment to democracy!


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