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Homar Alvarado

Competed for Highlands Ranch Metro District Board

Vote for Homar (pronounced "Omar"):

  • A passionate community servant, having proudly served in the US Marine Corps...

  • With MBA education and professional experience in making government more effective...

  • Active in the community...


I am a passionate community servant with a family legacy of service, having proudly served in the Marines for 9 years. As a project management professional with over 10 years of experience leading multi-million-dollar programs, I am confident in my ability to manage the complexities of our community and bring innovative solutions to the table. 

Professional Skills and Experience:

I earned an undergraduate degree in government program budgeting, planning, and management, and an MBA from the University of Denver. My education and experience have provided me with a deep understanding of the importance of fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Community Member:

Outside of work, I am an active member of the community. I have coached community kids' sports for almost 10 years, and I am the president of a professional networking group for veterans. I am also an elected Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) delegate, which allows me to engage with community leaders and advocate for our neighbors.

Ready to Serve Highlands Ranch:

On the Highlands Ranch Metro District Board, I will work to ensure that our government remains accountable, transparent, and responsive to the needs of our residents.

Homar Alvarado.png

How to Vote

Click this button to download and print a ballot application form:

  1. Submit your ballot application NOW (instructions are on the form).

  2. Your ballot will arrive by mail

  3. Vote the ballot

  4. Return the ballot by mail or email or in person by late April

  5. Ballots must be received by Election Day (May 2nd)

Homar Alvarado is endorsed by the

Douglas County Democratic Party (DCDP).

This page is paid for by DCDP, which is not affiliated with any candidate.

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