What In the World Is Caucus?

Caucus is when Registered Democrats (and Republicans at their own separate meeting) get together in person and have a voice in selecting the candidates we want to represent us in Federal and local government. We also elect our precinct leaders to our Douglas County Democratic Party. Caucus is the best opportunity to make friends because you know that everyone in attendance shares many of your values AND lives really close to you. People who are registered as Unaffiliated voters DO NOT participate at a caucus, only people who are registered Democrats or Republicans and those caucuses are held separately.

When is Caucus?

This year, the Douglas County Democrats will caucus on Saturday, March 7th from 1:30pm (this is when check-in starts) until 5pm. Caucus has historically been held on a Tuesday evening, which made it extremely challenging for people who work late shifts and people with young children to attend. The goal of moving it to a Saturday afternoon is to facilitate attendance for all.

Where is Caucus?

The Douglas County Dems are primarily caucusing at various schools across the county and the location of the site depends on your precinct. The short answer is: in a school cafeteria or gym near you!

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How can I find my precinct number?

Here is how to find your precinct. You will need this to locate your Caucus site from the images above.

  1. Go to the Find My Registration page of the Secretary of State's website.

  2. You will then fill in your First Name, Last Name, Zip Code, and Birth Date. Once you complete those fields, click "Search".

  3. You will see a screen that contains 4 tabs: "Voter Details," "Ballot Information," "In-Person Voting," and "County & District Information"

  4. Click on "County & District Information"

  5. You will see a section labeled, "District Information" and under that heading, "Precinct"

  6. There is a 10-digit number associated with "Precinct" but the most important ones for Caucus are the last three digits of those 10. For example if your whole precinct is 123456789, then your precinct is "789"


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