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2024 County Assembly and Convention

Virtual on Zoom 

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 6:00 PM to 9:00PM

Registration begins at 5:30 PM. Gavel at 6:00 PM

Assemblies are nominating meetings for primary ballot placement candidates.  We have County, State, Legislative, Judicial, Congressional and State Assemblies.  At  county assembly we nominate Democratic candidates to be placed on the primary ballot and conduct preference polls for candidates nominated in higher assemblies.

Conventions are meetings to elect the delegates to the Democratic National Convention to nominate the Democratic candidate for President of the United States and to elect DNC members from Colorado.

  • We will be nominating Douglas County commissioner district 2 and 3 candidates for primary ballot placement.

  • Our county assembly will also include nominating assemblies for HD39, HD43, HD44, HD45 and SD02 for primary ballot placement.

  • We will elect the following delegates for higher multi county assemblies. We will conduct preference polls for contested races at the assemblies

    • 121 delegates to JD 23 Assembly on April 6, 2024​

    • 2 delegates to HD61 Assembly on April 7, 2024

    • 127 delegates to CD4 Assembly and Convention on April 11, 2024

      • Preference poll for US House Rep Race

    • 2 delegates to CD6 Assembly and Convention on April 11, 2024 

    • 121 delegates to State Assembly & Convention on April 13, 2024

      • Preference poll for CU Regent At Large Race

  • We will be approving DCDP Platform for 2024.​​


Register for Assembly & Convention

DCDP Assembly us held virtually this year on zoom.  Please register for Assembly using this link

Proxy - If you cannot attend Assembly & Convention

If you are unable to attend the Assembly, you can assign a proxy by filling out this Proxy Form
Only one proxy is allowed for each attending delegate. The Proxy holder must be a registered Democrat and a constituent from your HD and SD. If you assign a proxy with the form above, you do not need to register.


Learn about our candidates before the assembly. You will get a chance to hear from the candidates at the assembly. 

Important Documents





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