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Our Winners
in November 2023
For our Public Schools

For the 2024-2027 Term
on the
Douglas County
School Board...

Voters re-elected
Susan Meek
and elected
Brad Geiger and
Valerie Thompson

Triumphant Meek Geiger Thompson.png

Jubilation and celebration are the order of the day for all three of our excellent "Community's Choice" candidates for School Board: left to right, Susan Meek, Valerie Thompson and Brad Geiger.

And another winner:

YES! for Ballot Issue 5A:

Competitive Pay for Our Teachers and Public School Staff

This year, the leaders of our Douglas County Democratic Party ("DougCo Dems") joined our three "Community's Choice" candidates in declaring a heartfelt endorsement of Ballot Issues 5A and 5B to financially support our local public schools.  And the good news is that the voters approved Ballot Issue 5A.

Ballot Issue 5A is an investment in public education that will provide more competitive compensation levels that will help to attract and retain excellent teachers and staff who will continue to make a big difference for our public school kids.

For more details about
Ballot Issue 5A,
click the following link to:

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