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Ballot Issues
in November 2023

Douglas County Dems
Urge You to
Vote YES on
Propositions HH and II

A fun video about HH from AARP, Colorado Professional Firefighters and
Colorado League of Women Voters.

Proposition HH:

To Reduce Property Tax

Here's why to vote for Prop HH:

  • it provides property tax relief for homeowners and businesses at a time of rapidly increased property values;

  • it maintains financial support for local service providers, including Douglas County K-12 public schools;

  • it provides tax relief from now until 2032;

  • the average household will pay $600 less in property taxes than without Prop HH;

  • low and middle-income households will benefit the most; and

  • tax rates will be reduced for small businesses and other non-residential property owners.

Plus, Colorado will supplement the State Education Fund to help avoid funding setbacks for our K-12 public schools.

Passage of Prop HH would also result in a fairer way of returning TABOR surplus dollars -- at a flat rate to all taxpayers regardless of their wealth (at a rate of $650 for single filers and $1,300 for joint filers).

Right now, homeowners 65 and older, who have lived in their homes for 10 or more years, can get up to $100,000 of their property value tax-free (it is really 50% of the first $200,000 of the home’s value). 

Proposition HH adds an additional reduction of $50,000 tax-free this year, for the property taxes you pay next year. In 2024 through 2032, it would be $40,000 additional, instead of $50,000. 

If you move, you can take the benefit with you. Though, it would no longer be a separate exemption plus a property tax reduction. It would be one lump sum reduction of $140,000 from 2025 to 2032. 

Our thanks to Colorado's independent and nonpartisan Bell Policy Center for their analysis of Prop HH.

Proposition II:

(pronounced eye-eye)

Support Pre-School Programs

Here's why to vote for Prop II:

  • Proposition II would use over $20 million of already collected taxes to support preschool programs, rather than this revenue being refunded to nicotine and tobacco wholesalers and distributors; and

  • it makes no change in the rates of taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products.

Our thanks to the independent and nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Colorado for their analysis of Proposition II.

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