The Importance of Local Elections and How YOU Can Help Us Elect Competent Candidates

If you are like many people around the country, you may be really struggling. Based on what I am hearing from my patients and my friends, people are feeling exhausted by the isolation, fearful about what reopening looks like, sad about the loss of physical closeness in our social interactions for the foreseeable future, hopeless about of the state of our economy, and grieved from the loss of friends and family members to COVID-19. 

Living in Douglas County at this time is particularly challenging because of the behavior of our elected officials. Instead of feeling as though we can trust and rely on our local elected officials to guide us through this uncharted period in our history, we are left with grave uncertainty about how we will effectively navigate through this pandemic because of their willful ignorance, lack of respect for experts, and manufactured forced choice between prioritizing physical health or economic well-being. As you likely saw all over both the local and national news, the Douglas County GOP actively encouraged the illegal opening of a restaurant in Castle Rock on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately for the well-being of our community, no one wore masks or maintained the recommended physical distancing of at least 6 feet.

This is only one example of the irresponsible behavior and cavalier attitude displayed by our current elected officials. I have yet to hear any acknowledgement of the members of our community who have lost their lives or are facing financial ruin due to medical debt incurred while getting treatment for COVID-19.

I have never felt more certain that we need a serious change in leadership in this county. I really want to encourage each and every one of you to understand just how important local government is in your day-to-day lives. Please, get to know our candidates and either volunteer for a campaign or bring your interests and skills to the Douglas County Dems. Read below to see what YOU can do to help us win these crucial elections!

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of our 6 local candidates and some of their upcoming events. Their websites are also listed after their names so you can keep track of future events.

County Commissioner Candidates:

District 2 Lisa Neal Graves ( and District 3 Darien Wilson (

05/20/2020 9AM-12PM

Commissioner CANdidates Food Drive

Lisa and Darien are trying to help the people in need in our community by organizing monthly Food Drives. Their first one will be this Wednesday, 5/20/2020 and they need your help. You can volunteer to donate or to help pick up donations from porches around the county. Please sign up by 7pm TONIGHT if you can help.

05/22/2020 6PM

Virtual Couples’ House Party

Lisa and Darien are having a couples’ house party with a focus on what you love about Douglas County

05/28/2020 5-6PM

Town Hall featuring Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser

Check out Lisa’s website at for details

05/29/2020 10AM

Business Virtual Round Table with Jennifer Mitkowski, candidate for HD43

Darien and Jennifer will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on local businesses. 

Do you own a local business and would like to join the panel? Reach out to Darien at

06/01/2020 6-7:30PM

Virtual House Party for Lisa Hosted by Mary Lynch

Check out Lisa’s website at for details


Virtual House Party for Lisa Hosted by Ruby Martinez

Check out Lisa’s website at for details

06/07/2020 6PM

Hope and Change Virtual House Party

Indivisible Roxborough will host a virtual fundraiser with live music, political and other celebrities, a silent auction, small items store, and appearances by all candidates from Douglas County. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more information!

State House District 43 Candidate, Jennifer Mitkowski(

State House District 44 Candidate, Kyra Storojev:

Every Wednesday from 12-1pm, Kyra has a special guest join her for conversation and community

Register in advance to attend:</a></p>

State House District 45 Candidate, Katie Barrett:

State Senate District 4 Candidate, Elissa Flaumenhaft

05/21/2020 6:30 PM 

Candidate Connection - Let’s Talk about Healthcare

Visit for more info and the meeting link

Vacant Volunteer Positions

The Douglas County Dems are only effective with an amazing volunteer base. Here are the positions we are currently trying to fill. There are people who are already involved who can help you get started. I was super pleased with the responses we received from my last call for volunteers! We now have a new Assistant Treasurer, Denise Bouley; Co-Outreach Captains in Lone Tree, Steve and Carol Sorenson; and a Special Events Captain for Lone Tree, Julien Bouquet! Email me if you want to help!

Parker Outreach Captain - Duties include recruiting POs and POAs for precincts without neighborhood leaders, directing eager volunteers to opportunities to help the candidates or the party

Parker Special Events Captain - Duties include assisting with the planning and execution of special events, both within Parker and Lone Tree and in collaboration with the Events Committee for county-wide events

Communications Committee Chair - Duties include keeping our website up-to-date, helping to generate consistent messaging for our party that we can disseminate across our districts and to our candidates, and helping to write press releases to the media. 

VAN Team - Duties include keeping our voter databases updated so the work of our phone bankers and canvassers is much more streamlined

What Else Can I Do to Get Involved?

Are you interested in helping us turn Douglas County BLUE? Here are some things you can do:

1. Host a virtual house party for our candidates — let me know if you need help with the logistics

2. Write postcards, text bank, and phone bank for our candidates

3. Talk to your neighbors, family, and friends about our candidates - from 6 feet away. Familiarity breeds liking — the more you talk about our candidates and make them household names, the more successful they will be on the ballot in November

4. Donate to their campaigns or to the Douglas County Democratic Party if you are able

5. RUN in a non-partisan election like a Town Council or local board

Do you have a set of skills that might be helpful but that I haven’t mentioned above? Reach out and let me know how you think you might be able to help and we can figure out how to get you involved.

I hope you all are doing as well as possible. 

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